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Suminagashi: Under the Microscope with Eric Lee

“I am the furthest thing from a systematic thinker,” says Bicycle Fine Art artist Eric Lee, introducing his new series of elegant and enigmatic black and white paint works on paper. The series, so far intentionally left untitled, embraces a new level of conscious uncertainty […]

The Art of Art Selection for Interior Design

Bicycle Fine Art artist, Danielle Voight, is a nocturnal painter. This practice may lend a hand in her painting style – which, although light and warm, focuses on a kind of quiet calm, as though you were standing at night in an open field and […]

Exploring Eric Lee’s World of Miniatures

Bicycle Fine Art artist, Eric Lee, has always been predictably unpredictable. While his creative passion is for sculptural paintings, his day job consists of building wooden snare drums for musicians around the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area. Given the intricate designs and detailed solid wood inlays […]