As of September 2017, Bicycle Fine Art has partnered with Profiles, to exhibit artworks that display the stellar talents of new and emerging artists and introduce their work in one of the trade’s premier showrooms.

Profiles has served the design community for over 35 years at the New York Design Center and offers an extensive inventory of high-end home furnishings to the trade. This new partnership is dedicated to offering artwork and design to fit the sophisticated milieu. Working closely with Profiles, the artworks presented by Bicycle Fine Art complement the showroom’s decor, as well as each specific vignette featuring contemporary furniture lines created by the industry’s most preeminent interior designers.

Bicycle Fine Art’s ongoing display of paintings on canvas, mixed media on panel, works on paper and exclusive limited edition prints will feature new acquisitions each season.

To view our current showcase, stop by Profiles, located at 200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1211, New York, NY in the New York Design Center or visit Bicycle Fine Art’s listings page at Profiles. To schedule an exclusive consultation and viewing with Bicycle Fine Art in the Profiles showroom, contact Art Advisor Lisa-Thi Beskar at: