Denver Dalley


Denver Dalley is an American singer-songwriter and photographer born in Omaha, NE in 1981. He is best known for his partnership with Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst in Desaparecidos and has been involved in various musical projects including Statistics, Intramural and Two of Cups.

Dalley’s interest in photography arose while touring with various musicians for the past 14 years. He began collecting photographs he would find on the ground, discarded near photo booths, or asked for random ones taped up in venues. He felt each photograph offered a glimpse of life in each of the places he visited and became fascinated in those narratives. Dalley’s passion for his travels and explorations grew so deeply that he began taking video documentation of his experiences and then later began shooting his own photos. He turned to photography because he felt video was too specific whereas photography allows the viewer to use his or her own imagination of what was happening before, after and around the shot.

Even though Dalley has a keen eye for capturing a moment, he does not fit the traditional definition of a  photographer and prefers not to get caught up in the technical aspects of each image. He wants to capture a specific moment and allow the viewer to come up with their own story or set of questions for each photo they see.

Denver Dalley currently lives between New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Omaha but is looking to settle in Los Angeles later this year.

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Lisa-Thi Beskar, Art Advisor & Curator