Since 2015, Bicycle Fine Art has teamed up each summer with Kitty Clay to present a special fine art exhibition based off their shared philosophy of connecting people through art. With Kitty Clay’s commitment to integrity and quality and Art Advisor Lisa-Thi Beskar’s discerning eye and passion to create a collective of talented and emerging artists, the duo presents a unique showcase that highlights the unique personal relationship between artist and collector.

Kitty Clay’s interior design boutique located in Southampton, New York, maintains a travel chic aesthetic, sourcing handmade, artist-made, or vintage merchandise from India, Nepal, Chile, Argentina, and all around Europe. The contemporary art provided by Bicycle Fine Art merges the rigorous aesthetic of Bicycle with Kitty Clay’s signature elan and love of travel–as with everything Kitty Clay, each selected piece holds a story.

The fine art pieces curated for Kitty Clay are selected for their atmospheric quality and natural inspiration. Coastal and seascape themed paintings complement the specific aura of summer beach houses, from the whimsical family room to a sun filled breakfast nook. Paintings with a minimal color palette tend towards introspection and bring a feeling of serenity to an elegantly furnished room, while the more abstract works offer textured layers and pops of color suitable for the more traditional living environment, eclectic or modern avant garde spaces.

To view pieces at Kitty Clay stop by 116 North Sea Road, Southampton, New York, 11968. Be sure to check for seasonal hours of operation.