Erin Williams


LOWER EAST SIDE/BOWERY, NYC (APRIL 14, 2015) — Bicycle Fine Art based in New York City, announces its launch on Thursday, April 30th at 6:00 PM.

Bicycle is a fine art advising business headed by Curator Lisa-Thi Beskar whose guiding philosophy is to be a driving force for brilliant emerging artists, and to bring their work to a discriminating audience. Using her eye for excellence in design and a fierce, no-nonsense approach, she is committed to providing a thoughtfully curated selection of original works; catered for interior design projects, the private collector and corporate collections.

The opening reception will feature the original works of ten contemporary artists from across the country. Highlights include works by Minneapolis painter Danielle Voight, whose minimalist canvases draw the viewer into subtly textured negative spaces; photographer Denver Dalley (also of the band Desaparecidos) whose documentary narratives are an offering of shared explorations and memory; Wisconsin-based artist Eric Lee, who utilizes experimental techniques with explosives built into his exquisitely rendered paintings to depict the rise and fall of civilizations and what they leave behind; and nascent oil painter Jonny Kelson, whose fascination with the Old Masters has played a profound role in his use of chiaroscuro in his portraiture.

The exhibit will also feature award winning, multi-media artist Michael Gaughan – widely known for his painstakingly-detailed watercolor paintings that often reference pop culture, absurdity, playfulness and the human experience; abstract painter David Donovan Jensen, whose multi-faceted process works transcend complexity arriving at tranquility and minimalism; and Neal Perbix (Grossman Scholarship recipient) who is known for investigating how information is conveyed, illustrating these societal currents by incorporating commonplace utilitarian objects and construction materials in his work.

Representing Brooklyn, artist Christopher Saunders (NYFA fellow recipient and Virginia Museum fellowship award winner) best known for his deconstructed landscapes and works on paper and Nikita Shoshensky, whose drawings, paintings, neon art and site-specific installations feature found text, confronting the many dichotomies between public and private, the profound and superficial.

A live projection installation by U.K. native, Spencer Bewley, will take place outdoors, using 16mm found, forged, patched, shot and spliced loops.

Live Music by Alejandro Meola.

The Bicycle Fine Art launch is being hosted by Casting to the People at 111 Bowery, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10002.

RSVP by 04/27/14.  For more information call: 347.405.8488 or visit