An Ever-Evolving Process with Neal Perbix

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Bicycle Fine Art is pleased to premiere this stunning piece by Minneapolis artist, Neal Perbix. Known for his use of industrial equipment and materials to create fine line paintings, this work on canvas showcases the artist’s continued efforts toward experimentation and challenging what materials can be used in fine art painting.

Continuing to create work based on his formal training as a furniture designer, Neal is beginning to “push the canvas in different directions.” For this particular painting, Neal says that some of the painting techniques utilized “stemmed a little out of frustration,” a sentiment that is relatable to all during these challenging times. But from these moments of uncertainty, Neal introduces viewers to an ever-evolving process, with color and texture being excavated from the multiple layers.

Neal Perbix
Untitled, 2019
Acrylic, enamel, pencil, sumi ink, spray paint on canvas
Dimensions: 48 x 72 in.

When asked about the process for this particular piece, Neal says, “Eventually I masked the entire canvas off with the intent to start over, but decided to prime the perimeter instead. This ended up giving the work somewhat of a topographic landscape feel to it.” Another aspect adding to the homage of a landscape is the paint drips at the bottom of the canvas, forming an almost grass-like texture. The lines hovering above become almost a character, navigating within the white spaces of the support.

Neal Perbix-NYDC Vignette-Photo by Alex Andrade
Neal Perbix’s ‘Untitled’, 2019 as featured at The New York Design Center
Photo Credit: Alex Andrade
Vignette at The Gallery at 200LEX styled by Alex Andrade

These techniques and overall aesthetic reveals a more painterly style for Neal and offers new possibilities for future works. “I’m expanding on my mediums. Definitely going for more of an ‘all in’ approach.” With his background in industrial design and furniture-making, Neal’s technical prowess with a variety of materials leaves audiences excited for whatever he creates next.

‘Untitled’ is currently on view at the New York Design Center. Showcased at The Gallery at 200 LEX, Neal Perbix’s original contemporary work creates a colorful focal point to the design vignette, styled by Alex Andrade. The use of color and textures captured in the varying materials create a dynamic conversation that is further heightened with the limited color palette. The motif of swirling lines is noticeable in not only the painting, but also through the marbling on the table as well as the faux stone accents on the side tables. Neal Perbix’s latest colorful work commands a dynamic presence in an open interior environment and can easily compliment a variety of design conversations.

Another view of Neal Perbix’s, ‘Untitled, 2019’ as presented at
The New York Design Center.
Photo Credit: Josh Gaddy

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